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The Next Story: Life and Faith After the Digital Explosion - by Tim Challies


Product Description

The Next Story: Life and Faith After the Digital Explosion by Tim Challies (updated and expanded for 2015)

Do you own your technology? Or does it own you?

We cannot run away from the digital world - mobile phones and computers and the Internet are likely to be with us in one form or another for some time. But life in the digital world isn't always simple. Our use of technology has a hidden cost. We are increasingly distracted, pulled from one task to the next. The digital world brings with it entirely new conceptions of privacy and authority, while radically redefining our understanding of community. Life after the digital explosion offers particular challenges and opportunities for Christians.

Often, we feel like slaves to our technology instead of using it to serve and honor God. As Christians, we must learn to think critically and biblically about the new realities brought about by these changing technologies. Author and blogger Tim Challies explains how and why our society has beocme dependent on digital technology, and what this all means for our lives - and our faith.

What does it mean that almost two billion human beings are connected by the Internet... with hundreds of millions more coming online each year? How has life - and faith - changed since we have become available all the time through our mobile phones? How are family and church affected now that we are connnected to this network all day, every day?

Challies addresses these questions - and others - in a manner that is accessible, thoughtful, and biblical. He looks beyond the specific technologies that are all the rage today - soon to be forgotten or replaced - and helps readers understand the fundamental ideas that are always true about technology and equips them to respond with biblically informed discernment.

Explore how Christians can live in this new reality with character, virtue, and wisdom - and how we can respond to these revolutionary changes as followers of Christ in a digital age, learning to live faithfully as "the next story" unfolds.